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The Gridded Field Piece is about absence as much as presence; sudden beauty that dissipates with movement and time, which is subject to permutations that can neither be predicted nor contained. The fluctuations of the piece reside in memory as much as in reality; the flashes of bright color attempt to give form to and actualize what is and yet what is not present. The overall look is a composite of contradictions and the final phase of the work when it is 'formed' becomes about relinquishing control, leaving to chance the interaction with the environment. The piece then becomes a statements about visibility; whatever effects are produced by the light which passes through are ephemeral and subject to continual change, and may be so subtle at times as to not even attract attention. In this respect it is about the expectation of effects which may or may not be equal to one's preconceived hopes, and the withholding of rewards at the times that the confluence of factors required for the results are not functioning in tandem. Under these conditions, there may be no flashes of light at all; the piece then becomes about disappointment, frustration and the risk that one takes when one allows for the unpredictable. The beauty exists in its indeterminacy, for there are never any guarantees that the light effects will approximate the 'art' that is anticipated.

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