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Oring Rittoes O.: A Profile

Oring Rittoes O. is the most accomplished member of The Bott Team and has composed numerous pieces with his collaborator, CCC, which have been played both in the United States and internationally. Oring now lives in New York and is working on projects with new media themes, especially works involving explorations into the realm of artificial intelligence. When asked about his peculiar attenuated surname, Oring replied that he added the 'O.' one day to distinguish himself from another Oring Rittoes who lived down the block.

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Oring's Text: Conversations with Oring, Bott to Bott

Logged Botchats:Recorded Conversations with guests: coming soon
Some of Oring's chat guests include: Jeremy Turner, Canadian multimedia artist who collaborates with bots.
Richard Wallace (Dr. Rich), creator of the well known chatbot A.L.I.C.E., stated that persons who talk to bots can be broken down into several groups; in one of his recognized groups exists those person who abuse the bot. Abuse can be anything from the hurling of offensive insults to asking the bot rude or obscene questions. Hopefully this page will atract a better class of virtual who will seek to challenge the bot's conversational ability by asking articulate questions rather than engaging in the puerile type of prattle heard in teenage chat rooms.
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