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Stalker Text
This stalker (The Corn Guy) is my neighbor's brother in law; I met him 1 1/2 years ago when I had a frozen pipe in my laundry room on Christmas Day and I had to shut the water off. I called my neighbor to ask her for some water (we exchange water with each other when we have well problems, etc.), and before I knew it, there was a knock at the front door; it was my neighbor with a jug of water and some guy I had never seen before standing there grinning and holding a wrench. Well, the drainage pipe to the dry well had frozen and we had to cut and splice to redirect the water so that it wouldn't spray all over the laundry room... ...he seemed anxious to stay and make a more permanent repair, but I told him the temporary one was fine and that Jay would work on it the next day, so after some minor conversation, they returned home.

Last summer before we were leaving for Rhode Island, I went to Nancy's to bring some stuff from the garden and arrange for her to take my mail from the box; that day she happened to be having a family get together. The Corn Guy was there but I really didn't notice him at first because I was preoccupied with vacation plans...suddenly this personage came up to me and asked me how the pipes were and it I remembered him. I replied that I did and he then added that I would probably see him again as he would be walking up and down the road, enjoying the environment, etc. Over the next few days every time I went out in the front yard he would suddenly appear on the road and start walking up my driveway to come over and talk to me. night there was a knock on the front door and he was there with a bag of corn.

On the day that we were leaving for RI, I had packed the dogs into Silverplum to leave for the kennel about 8:15 AM. When I opened the bay to the garage, I noticed that he was walking down the road by my mailbox at the end of the driveway; when he saw the open garage door, he stopped by the fence and waited. A few minutes went by and he remained there; I went back inside and stalled for 15 minutes or so, thinking that he would move on, but then it was getting late and I couldn't wait any longer and finally had to depart. When I pulled the car out he was still there leaning on the fence, allegedly 'resting'. Well, I spoke to him as I couldn't just be rude and he informed me that he was aware that we were going away on vacation and he knew exactly how long we would be gone.

When we returned from RI he had already left for Indiana so I didn't see him again until this summer when he suddenly reappeared one Sunday morning with a bag of corn. I don't think he is stalking me intensely and I didn't see as much of him this year...but it was odd how he was always showing up and appearing. I know very little about this individual except that he is married and has a farm in Indiana. Donna says that people from those states are 'just friendlier' but she also found the situation a bit odd.